Having hardwood flooring installation done properly is the most vital part of a great looking floor that will last a lifetime. Hardwood floor installation requires skill, experience, thought and planning.  It may seem simple, but many times it is the most complicated part of renovation.  Height differences, humidity conditions, sub floor work, and leveling issues are only some of the challenges which a hardwood floor installer may encounter. 

Visit our Hardwood flooring products page to learn more about the different types of wood floor materials. If you are looking to install hardwood floors, look no further, Filipski Hardwood Floors has impeccable hardwood flooring services. We also specialize in expert installation of custom treads and risers for new or old stair systems. Contact us today for a Free Estimate on your install hardwood flooring project. We look forward to hearing from you! 



Filipski Hardwood Floors utilizes a specialized floor refinishing process.  All equipment used in your home is vacuum assisted.  This means that 99% of all sawdust created is contained in a system that will leave your home as clean as commercially possible.

Floors are sanded 3 times using a Clarke American Drum Sander and edger. All corners are hand scraped. The floor will be delicately screened to remove all machine marks. If desired, your floors will be stained with a deep penetrating oil stain that will be hand rubbed; the way floors and furniture were stained 100 years ago. 3 coats of commercial high traffic polyurethane finish will be applied. Filipski Hardwood Floors is known for personal attention to each detail.


Maintenance & Cleaning

Once we’ve completed our refinishing services it’s important to understand the proper care & upkeep necessary to ensure your hardwood floor remains looking its best. Browse our Caring Tips section to answer popular questions.



It can be difficult to choose between all the different wood species on the market today.  Filipski Hardwood offers samples and work with local distributors to get you the highest in quality and best priced.  Our distributors carry an extensive selection of many types of hardwood whether unfinished, pre-finished or engineered in a range of lengths and widths.