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Color: Heartwood varies from yellow-brown to dark golden brown; turns rich brown under exposure to sunlight. Sapwood is a lighter cream color.

Grain: Straight; course, uneven texture.

Variations Within Species & Grades: Moderate to high color variation.

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Hardness/Janka: 1000; 22% softer than Northern Red Oak.

Durability: Strength values are similar to those of American Oak.

Sawing/Machining: Moderate ease in working with hand and machine tools, silica in wood dulls tools quickly: carbide tooling recommended.

Sanding: Clogs abrasives; frequent sandpaper changes are required.

Nailing: Good holding ability.

Finishing: Natural oils may interfere with adhesion and drying of some finishes. To reduce the wood’s tendency to repel finish coats, surface resins may be removed with a solvent that is compatible with the finish to be used.

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