Zero Dust Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Refinishing

TyKote-System-logo-RGB-JPGFilipski Hardwood Floors now has the technology, equipment, knowledge and experience to professionally clean and recoat your hardwood floors without sanding!  We do this with the TyKote® Dustfree Refinishing System. We use the Dirt Dragon™ Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machine and Basic® Coatings commercial cleaners, a proven combination that is far superior to any competitive cleaning system. The pair aggressively scrubs the floor while extracting contaminants.  This system delivers beautiful hardwood floors in a three step process:

    We first apply an aggressive wood floor cleaner to easily remove ground-in dirt, wax, shoe marks, spilled beverages, etc. Our second step to the two-step cleaning is to apply a product called Squeaky that removes all residues and prepares the floor for the next step.
  2. TYKOTE® (Dustfree Recoat Bonding Agent)
    Once the floor is clean and residue free we apply the bonding agent. Its exclusive properties act as the bonding agent between the existing floor and the new top coat. Without this revolutionary bonding agent, your floor would not finish to the beauty that we are looking for.
    Now that the bonding agent is applied and ready to be used, we apply a urethane finish to the floor to bring the floor back to life.  Our finish will normally be dry in 3-4 hours and you will be walking on the floor as usual the following day.

*Not all floors can be re-coated with this system, a complete refinishing (sanding) may be necessary.  Some factors may include: if areas of your floor have been worn down to bare wood, if the floor has deep stains or color differences in the wood, or if there’s chipping or peeling.

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