Filipski Hardwood Floors is your local choice for:


Dustless Refinishing

Not everyone has the money or inclination to completely strip and refinish their hardwood floors. Dustless refinishing takes less time, costs less, and greatly reduces the amount of wood dust  left behind, a must-have for households with allergies. Learn More


New Floor Installation

Don’t just hire anyone to install your new custom hardwood floor – insist on a proven professional. We offer a variety of wood choices, and combine an abundance of experience with a local, personal touch. Learn More


Trim, Base, & Shoe Molding

Contact us with your trim or molding needs today. We’ll point you in the perfect direction for style, size, and type – whether primed to paint or stain. Learn More


No-Dust Hardwood Cleaning

Filipski Hardwood Floors now has the technology, equipment, knowledge and experience to professionally clean and recoat your hardwood floors without sanding! Learn More

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